85 Year Old Pope Francis Plans To Resign

85 Year Old Pope Francis Plans To Resign


85 Year Old Pope Francis Plans To Resign the Pontificate?

In recent times, Italian and Catholic Media have had a lot of rumors that 85 year old Pope Francis plans to resign, the cause of this incident is likely to be his increasingly serious illness making life difficult, he is influenced a lot, starting last month he started using a wheelchair.

85 Year Old Pope Francis Plans To Resign
85 Year Old Pope Francis Plans To Resign

Francis began his pontificate in 2013 with the task of reforming the Roman Curia. In the past 9 years, this task has been implemented, but now, this project has only partially been accomplished. Meanwhile, Francis’ main duty was commendably fulfilled by him.

This rumor of 85 year old Pope Francis’s plans to resign originated when Pope Francis announced that he would be visiting the Italian city of L’Aquila in August for a feast initiated by Pope Celestine V, one of the few pontiffs who resigned before Pope Benedict XVI stepped down in 2013.

It is widely assumed that he is planning to follow in the footsteps of Benedict who will step down shortly. Although it is not clear whether it is true or not, everyone seems to think that these signs are enough to understand that Pope Francis will resign and they will soon receive a new pope.

Christopher Bellitto, a church historian at Kean University in Union, New Jersey, before Benedict’s death, pointed out that those at the Vatican did not expect Pope Francis to resign. Although they want to, but not right now. Despite his advanced age and the weakening of his body, the spirit of this former pope is still very clear. He also participated in many other activities and received other guests.

In the email, Christopher Bellitto said: “He’s not going to have two former popes floating around”. and “I don’t recall a lot of stories at the time saying that Benedict’s visit in 2009 made us think he was going to resign”

Before the above information, although there is no confirmation from 85 year old Pope Francis plans to resign, one of his advisers and close friends, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, voiced that Pope Francis’ resignation or the end of the pontificate is not true. He kept reassuring everyone.

If there is indeed the resignation of 85 year old Pope Francis plans to resign, not continuing to be Pope, then of course, before the fixation, there will be official announcements and legal measures.

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