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Political Slogans Funny For Parties And Campaign (2022)


Politics can be boring. At times, politics can be overwhelming for people. Politics can be fun sometimes. Sometimes it can be entertaining. That’s why we collect these political slogans funny in existence. You won’t believe these are actually real. Actual politicians running for office used these slogans. So take a look! Remember to vote for the ones you think are the funniest among the funny political slogans.

Funny Democratic Slogans – Political Slogans Funny

Funny Democratic Slogans-Political Slogans Funny
Funny Democratic Slogans-Political Slogans Funny

Here are some catchy political slogans funny for the Democratic:

Democratic Party: We’re Not Perfect, But They’re Nuts”
“Is That True, Or Did You Hear It On Fox News?”
“Voting Is Like Driving A Car. Choose (R) To Go Backward. Choose (D) To Go Forward.”
“Evolution Is Just A Theory…Kind Of Like Gravity”
“Democrats Are Sexy. Who Ever Heard Of A Nice Piece Of Elephant?”
“Don’t Like Socialism? Get Off The Highway”
“Love Trumps Hate”
“Make America Think Again”
“Tea Parties Are For Little Girls With Imaginary Friends”
“Fine…I Evolved, You Didn’t”
“May The Fetus You Save Be Gay”
“GOP Family Values—Your Rights Begin At Conception And End At Birth”
“That Stuff Trickling Down On You Isn’t Money”
“Due To Recent Budget Cuts, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Has Been Turned Off”

“Killing For Peace Is Like Screwing For Virginity”
“Insurance Companies Are Republican Death Panels”
“When You’re Old And Eating Cat Food, You Can Thank A Republican”
“Pharaoh Was a Job Creator, So Why Did GOD Side with a Community Organizer?”
“Fox News: Rich People Paying Rich People To Tell Middle-Class People To Blame Poor People”
“Jesus Was A Hippie”
“Honk If My Taxes Support Your Whiny Teabagging Ass”
“Want Freedom From Government? Go Live In Somalia.”
“If Republicans Don’t Believe In Government, Perhaps They Shouldn’t Run For It”
“Hey Tea Partiers, The Mad Hatter Wants His Crazy Back”
“Fox News Channel: Where The Truth Goes To Die”
“Liberals Protest War. Conservatives Protest Health Care.”
“If You Cut Off My Reproductive Choice, Can I Cut Off Yours?”

Funny Republican Slogans – Political Slogans Funny

Funny Republican Slogan-Political Slogans Funny
Funny Republican Slogan-Political Slogans Funny

“If Ignorance Is Bliss, You Must Be One Happy Liberal”
“I’ll Keep My Freedom, My Guns, And My Money. You Can Keep The Change!”
“Work Harder! Millions On Welfare Depend On You!”
“I’d Vote For A Democrat, But I’m Allergic To Nuts”
“Occupy A Job!”
“Global Warming: The #1 Threat To Unicorns”
“Honk If I’m Paying Your Mortgage”
“I’d Rather Be A Conservative Nut Job Than A Liberal With No Nuts And No Job!”
“Environmentalism: Just Another Religious Doomsday Cult”
“If You’re Gonna Burn Our Flag, Wrap Yourself In It First”
“I Only Burn Fuel Because Burning Hippies Is Illegal”
“Silly Liberal, Paychecks Are For Workers”

“Another Former Fetus For Life”
“Stop Global Whining”
“In Case Of Rapture, This Car Will Be Unmanned”
“I’d Rather Be Waterboarding”
“Spread My Work Ethic, Not My Wealth”
“Annoy a Liberal…Work Hard and Be Happy”
“Miss Me Yet? (with a picture of George Bush)”
“You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You Can Vote It Out”

Political Slogans Funny For Election Campaign

Here are some catchy political slogans funny for the election.

Political Slogans Funny For Election Campaign
Political Slogans Funny For Election Campaign

Your vote is your voice, Use it for a better future
Vote, Vote, and vote for the nation’s growth
Young or old, Every vote is expensive than gold
Forget the rest and vote for the best
Vote to your future
One vote can change the luck of a whole state or country
Vote to go forward and sit in the home to go backward
Don’t use your vote as a joke or be ready for a shock
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight. Vote before it’s too late and make America great
We get things done fast
Elections are the decision of your career
Let’s challenge the problems together, United we stand

There is no change competition. Vote for me
Two, For, six votes for me don’t be late
The best in the test
There is nothing like our America do vote for us
Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed
Free drinks on me tomorrow
I am small as a mouse but I am a powerhouse
Building a road to better tomorrow
If you wanna have fun, You gotta have to vote for me
Monkey see monkey do, I am voting for me and you should too
Have no fear, Vote for me to have a great year
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who is the best vote for them all
Because you are worth it, Vote for me to improve it
I am just asking you to vote for me, I am just asking you to check the box next to me
Let’s stand together, Strong and unstoppable
Everyone says your name for the president
Choose a leader by analytics not politics
Citizen a good one, Vote for the right one

Above are the funny political slogans that we have collected. We hope you will find the quote that you find most interesting. Don’t forget to follow The Database Site for more political updates as well as political shirt funny. Thank you readers!

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