Colombia In 2022: Regret Vote For Pedro?

Regret Vote For Pedro

Colombia in 2022: Regret Vote For Pedro?

In Colombia, leftist senator Gustavo Petro won a stunning victory in the first vote of the Colombian presidential election campaign. On June 19, Gustavo Petro’s opponent of the populist independence faction is Rodolfo Hernandeza. After what happened, people are asking if we regret vote for Pedro?

Regret Vote For Pedro
Regret Vote For Pedro

Who is Gustavo Petro?

Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego (born April 19, 1960, in Ciénaga de Oro, Córdoba, northern Colombia) is a Colombian politician and economist,and a former guerrilla who once served as Mayor of Bogota. Currently a senator and official candidate of leftist to run for the next Colombian presidency.

In the event that Mr. Gustavo Petro wins, it will be the first time in the history of the South American nation of Colombia that a leader with a leftist political leaning has entered the Casa de Nariño (Presidential Palace).

2022 is Mr. Petro’s third time running for the presidency. Petro’s running mate for this year’s vice president is Francia Marquez, now 40 years old and a human rights activist.

During the election campaign, candidate Petro vowed to restore diplomatic relations with Venezuela, which broke down in 2010 related to the activities of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Petro also pledged to re-evaluate the conditions of a free trade agreement with the US.

Colombia is a key ally of the United States in South America. Recently, US President Joe Biden even announced that Colombia is Washington’s major non-NATO ally.

The Story Around The Election

About 39 million eligible voters are expected to participate in the first round of voting to choose the successor of President Ivan Duque for the 2022-2026 term, as society in this South American nation continues to be deeply divided. Violence and inequality have increased despite positive economic signals.

Opinion polls ahead of the election show that Senator Gustavo Petro, representing the leftist Pacto Historico coalition, has the upper hand. Behind Mr Petro is center-right candidate Federico Gutierrez, 47.

In the face of deep discontent and distrust, which followed a divisive quarantine and a movement of protests last year that ignited a determination to want the country to have a new reform, the Colombians unanimously go voted.

“I really wish the country would change. I don’t want to regret vote for Pedro”

“This time will definitely change”

When asked why he voted for the Petro, Cordoba Ruiz said “him as the candidate who has the most affinity with the poor, that makes the most proposals for disadvantaged people”. They hope the future will not be regret vote for Pedro.

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