Kirk Cousins’ Journey: How Many Teams Has Kirk Cousins Played For?


Kirk Cousins, the talented quarterback in the NFL, has certainly made a name for himself over the years. Many fans wonder how many teams he has played for in his career. In this article, we will delve into Kirk Cousins’ journey in the NFL and provide insight into the number of teams he has been a part of.

How Many Teams Has Kirk Cousins Played For?

Kirk Cousins embarked on his NFL journey in 2012, a year that marked the start of what would become a remarkable career. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins (now known as the Washington Football Team) in the fourth round of the NFL Draft, and this momentous occasion paved the way for his emergence as a prominent quarterback in the league.

How Many Teams Has Kirk Cousins Played For

During his six-season tenure with Washington, Cousins left an indelible mark on the franchise. His journey with the team was a captivating narrative of perseverance, talent, and dedication. From the early days of being a draft pick to his evolution into a dependable and dynamic quarterback, Cousins steadily rose through the ranks of the NFL.

Throughout his time in Washington, Cousins demonstrated his ability to lead the team and make crucial plays under pressure. He was not just a quarterback; he was a leader both on and off the field, earning the respect of his teammates, coaches, and fans alike. His performances consistently showcased his incredible work ethic and football acumen, making him an integral part of Washington’s football history.

But Kirk Cousins’ journey didn’t stop there. As his contract with Washington came to an end, a new chapter in his career was waiting to be written, leading him to new horizons and exciting challenges.

Minnesota Vikings: A New Chapter:

In 2018, Kirk Cousins embarked on a new and exhilarating phase of his career by signing with the Minnesota Vikings. This pivotal move not only marked a significant milestone for Cousins personally but also reverberated throughout the NFL. The contract he signed with the Vikings made him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league at that time, underlining the immense confidence that the franchise had in his abilities.

Minnesota Vikings

Cousins’ arrival in Minnesota was met with great anticipation and excitement. The Vikings had been searching for a franchise quarterback who could lead them to glory, and they saw Cousins as the answer to their prayers. Fans, too, were electrified by the prospect of having such a proven and accomplished quarterback don the purple and gold.

The hope and optimism that accompanied Cousins’ arrival were palpable. Minnesota believed they had found their quarterback of the future, someone who could propel the team to new heights in the highly competitive NFL. The expectations were high, and the pressure to perform was immense, but Cousins embraced the challenge with his trademark composure and work ethic.

Cousins’ time with the Vikings has been a fascinating journey filled with ups and downs, but he has continued to be a steadfast leader for the team. As the seasons unfolded, he demonstrated his ability to adapt and excel, solidifying his status as a cornerstone of the Minnesota Vikings franchise. His tenure with the Vikings represents a new chapter in his storied career, one that continues to captivate fans and pundits alike with every pass, touchdown, and victory.

Kirk Cousins’ Current Team:

As of the knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Kirk Cousins remains the heartbeat of the Minnesota Vikings as their starting quarterback. His enduring presence on the team serves as a testament to his skills, resilience, and the strong bond he has forged with the franchise.


Over the years, Cousins has established himself as a central figure in the Vikings’ roster. His consistent on-field performance, leadership qualities, and ability to connect with his teammates have endeared him to both fans and the organization. He is not just a quarterback; he is a cornerstone around which the team is built.

Each season, fans eagerly await the Vikings’ games, knowing that Cousins will be leading the charge. His ability to make accurate throws, read defenses, and execute crucial plays has made him a fan favorite. The Vikings’ faithful are well aware that with Cousins at the helm, their team is always in contention, and the anticipation of a successful season remains high.

While this article is based on information available up to September 2021, Kirk Cousins’ journey with the Minnesota Vikings may have evolved since then. For the latest updates on his career and his ongoing contributions to the Vikings, it is advisable to check the most recent news and statistics. As the quarterback of the Vikings, Kirk Cousins continues to be a driving force and an inspirational figure within the franchise.


In summary, Kirk Cousins has played for two NFL teams throughout his career. He started with the Washington Redskins and then moved on to the Minnesota Vikings, where he continues to be a prominent figure in the league. As of 2021, he remains with the Minnesota Vikings, but for the most current information, it is recommended to check the latest updates on his career. Kirk Cousins’ journey in the NFL is a testament to his skill, determination, and ability to make an impact on the field.

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