How Much Is Kirk Cousins Contract and How Long Is It?

How Much Is Kirk Cousins Contract and How Long Is It

Kirk Cousins, the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, has a contract that’s been the subject of much interest and debate among NFL enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the details of Kirk Cousins’ contract, focusing on two key questions: “How much is Kirk Cousins’ contract?” and “How long is Kirk Cousins’ contract?” Let’s uncover the financial intricacies and the duration of this high-profile NFL player’s deal.

How Much Is Kirk Cousins Contract?

Kirk Cousins’ contract, when it comes to NFL player contracts, stands out as one of the most financially impressive in the league. The intricacies of this deal shed light on the considerable investment that the Minnesota Vikings have made in their quarterback. Let’s break down the specifics:

Total Value:

At a staggering $84 million, Kirk Cousins’ contract ranks among the upper echelons of quarterback deals in the NFL. This substantial figure not only reflects the team’s unwavering faith in Cousins but also cements his status as one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

How Much Is Kirk Cousins Contract and How Long Is It

Average Annual Value (AAV):

The Average Annual Value, often used as a gauge for the significance of NFL contracts, is a noteworthy $28 million in Cousins’ case. This number highlights the weighty financial commitment that the Minnesota Vikings have made to secure his services. It also underlines Cousins’ proven ability and reliability as a quarterback.

Guaranteed Money:

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of Kirk Cousins’ contract is the level of guaranteed money involved. At the time of signing, Cousins was guaranteed a jaw-dropping $61 million, which included a hefty $30 million signing bonus. Such a substantial sum of guaranteed money not only provides financial security for Cousins but also represents a shift in the NFL contract landscape, as it sets a precedent for other players seeking similar financial stability.

How Much Is Kirk Cousins Contract and How Long Is It


While the guaranteed portion of Cousins’ contract is significant, the deal also includes performance-based incentives. These incentives serve as a motivating factor for the quarterback to continue delivering exceptional performances on the field. Depending on his achievements, these incentives have the potential to further increase Cousins’ earnings, making his contract a testament to the merit-based rewards that the NFL can offer.

How Long Is Kirk Cousins Contract?

Kirk Cousins’ contract extension with the Minnesota Vikings, while a marvel of financial might, is not just about dollars and cents. It also carries significant implications for the franchise and its fans. Here’s a closer look at the duration of Cousins’ contract:

Contract Length:

Kirk Cousins’ contract extension, a pivotal moment in the quarterback’s career, was inked in March 2020. This extension represents a three-year commitment, effectively extending through the 2022 NFL season. With this timeline in mind, it’s clear that the Vikings made a strategic decision to ensure Cousins’ presence and leadership on the field for a substantial period.

How Much Is Kirk Cousins Contract and How Long Is It

The three-year contract timeline offers a sense of stability for the franchise and a window of opportunity for Cousins to continue making his mark in the league. It also aligns with the team’s efforts to build a competitive roster around him during this timeframe, aiming for success in the coming seasons.

As we analyze Kirk Cousins’ contract, we must consider not only the financial aspects but also the long-term strategy and vision that the Minnesota Vikings have in place. With Cousins under center, the team is making a concerted effort to establish a strong and enduring presence in the NFL, and the duration of this contract is a testament to that commitment.

The Impact and Comparisons:

Kirk Cousins’ contract, notable for its groundbreaking nature in the NFL, has left an enduring impact on the league and the Minnesota Vikings. Let’s further explore how this influential deal has resonated and its implications for both Cousins and the team.

Setting a New Standard:

Kirk Cousins’ contract was a game-changer when it comes to NFL player deals. It was among the first fully guaranteed contracts for a quarterback. This monumental shift offered players newfound financial security, with Cousins leading the way. While other quarterbacks have followed suit, Cousins’ agreement remains a benchmark for those looking to secure a similar level of financial certainty in their contracts.

How Much Is Kirk Cousins Contract and How Long Is It

Affecting Salary Cap Management:

The Minnesota Vikings’ investment in Cousins has had a significant impact on their salary cap management. With a contract of this magnitude, the team has had to allocate a substantial portion of their salary cap to Cousins. This has, in turn, affected their ability to sign other key players and address various team needs. The financial commitment to Cousins necessitates prudent cap management and strategic decision-making to assemble a competitive roster.

Performance and Team Success:

As one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league, Cousins’ performance on the field carries added weight. The team’s success and their aspirations in the league are closely tied to this significant financial commitment. The Vikings are banking on Cousins to lead them to victory and validate their investment.


Kirk Cousins’ contract is a focal point of discussions within the NFL community, thanks to its substantial total value, guaranteed money, and high AAV. It’s also a prime example of the trend toward fully guaranteed quarterback contracts. As we move forward, it will be intriguing to observe how the relationship between Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings evolves and whether this financial investment proves successful for both parties in the long term.

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