Middle East Politics Turmoil by Biden’s Visit 2022

Middle East Politics In Turmoil Before Biden's Visit 2022


Why Middle East Politics Turmoil by Biden’s Visit?

According to official sources, US President Biden is planning a trip to Saudi Arabia combined with a trip to Israel and Europe at the end of June.

News of the visit comes as Washington has increasingly turned to Riyadh and other major fossil fuel producing countries to replace Russian oil and stabilize global markets following the invasion of Ukraine.

Before the news, Saudi rights groups and activists said the president was betraying his values by meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been accused of abuse of power, killing, torturing civilians in the war in Yemen. Middle east politics turmoil by Biden’s visit will be real conflict

“If Biden gives him the US meeting MBS so desperately wants, the bloody handshake will send a clear message to tyrants everywhere: you can always count on America to betray its values and reward bad behaviour.”

A Saudi Scholar, Abdullah Alaoudh, is also the son of Salman al-Awda, the imprisoned Muslim scholar. Abdullah Alaoudh and other human rights and activists are deeply betrayed by Biden.

Alaoudh called on Biden to use his visit in part to speak to Saudi civil society, not just officials “who are not elected, who are not represented as a republic. Who are not reflecting what the Saudi public wants and feels”.

They hope the US side will have a better decision on this matter because if this is true because of middle east politics turmoil by Biden’s visit 2022

Middle East Politics In Turmoil Before Biden's Visit
Middle East Politics In Turmoil Before Biden’s Visit

Faced with that tense situation, “There is a possibility that I would be going to meet with both the Israelis and some Arab countries at the time, including I expect.. Saudi Arabia would be included in that if I did go, but I have no direct plans at the moment,” he told reporters.

When asked if he will indeed meet Mohammed bin Salman, he said: “We’re getting way ahead of ourselves here. What I want to do is see to it that we diminish the likelihood that there’s a continuation of some of these senseless wars between Israel and the Arab nations. That’s my focus.” Middle east politics turmoil by Biden’s visit will not turn out to be as messy as people think.

While there are still many activists who think that Biden’s visit this time is a big concession in diplomacy for Saudi Arabia, the two sides have had many unpleasant events before, so The United States has many other options to push through some domestic reforms.

Purpose of visit?

Assuming Biden’s visit this time does not meet with Mohammed bin Salman, is it really achieving an effective goal between the two sides or not. Middle east politics turmoil by Biden’s visit really happening?

Information from the White House said that Biden’s visit will strengthen ties with Saudi Arabia in the face of a situation where the US is looking to lower gasoline prices before things become tenser. Biden would participate in a Riyadh summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a regional union whose members are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

“Look, I’m not going to change my view on human rights but as president of the United States my job is to bring peace if I can and that’s what I’m going to try to do.” President Joe Biden said

This statement is being made by middle east politics as a form of protest against Joe Biden’s meeting with Salman al-Awda.

Will the principles and values that, as US President Biden promised to do, really be realized? They do not want middle east politics turmoil by Biden’s visit

Currently, the White House has not yet commented on the above information as well as the details of the trip, including the exact date of the trip and the stops.

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