Urgent Arrest Of Navarro-Trump’s Ally For Defying The Council To Attack The Capitol

The Urgent Arrest Of Ex-Advisor Navarro Trump Ally

The Urgent Arrest Of Navarro-Trump’s ally, Peter Navarro was indicted for defying a House committee on January 6.

The Urgent Arrest Of Navarro-Trump's ally
The Urgent Arrest Of Navarro-Trump’s ally

The Urgent Arrest Of Navarro-Trump’s ally was taken into custody after being indicted by a federal grand jury on Friday on two counts of contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee investigating the case. attacked the Capitol on January 6.

Navarro is the second former aide to President Donald Trump to be charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with the investigation on January 6, 2021. His arrest comes months after the former late indictment. White House consultant Steve Bannon.

Navarro, 72, was charged with contempt for failing to appear to be impeached before a House committee and a second charge for failing to produce documents requested by the committee.

The indictment against Navarro marks the first time the justice department has pursued charges against a Trump White House official who worked in the administration on January 6 and participated in an effort to overturn the election results. election 2020.

Navarro is facing a contempt of Congress for his refusal to appear at the ousted agency and a second charge for his refusal to submit documents required by the subpoena. of the selection committee, the justice department announced in a press release.

The Urgent Arrest Of Navarro-Trump’s ally, Trump’s former House adviser, who was implicated in the former president’s illegitimate plan to get the then vice president, Mike Pence, to deny Joe Biden’s election victory certification on January 6, was detained at the airport – he had the money – planned trip – Navarro told a magistrate judge.

The Urgent Arrest Of Navarro-Trump’s ally, Navarro’s indictment comes just weeks after the full House of Representatives voted to hold him in contempt of Congress for completely defying a subpoena issued by a select committee. in February, requested documents and testimony in the January 6 investigation.

The indictment is the latest twist in a series of developments surrounding Navarro’s place in the ranks of the justice department and congressional investigators, who last week served a grand jury subpoena on Mr.

In an effort to prevent the justice department from prosecuting congressional contempt of court and somehow invalidating a grand jury subpoena, Navarro on Tuesday filed an 88-page lawsuit Seek an order from a federal judge.

It is unclear whether the grand jury subpoena – which also requires the records requested in the selection committee subpoena – was part of Congress’ contempt of the case, or whether Mr. We are being treated as a witness in a separate criminal investigation into the former president.

But one potential benefit for the justice department is that through this indictment, it could obtain those communications with Trump, according to a former assistant US attorney who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The status of the case is currently unclear, and it’s not clear whether the filing prompted the justice department to request an indictment and that the warrant for Navarro’s arrest will be sealed until the order is enforced Friday morning in Washington DC.

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